Autonomic system management.

Have your Linux 'rookery' (collection of Linux systems) self manage as much as possible. This project looks to implement autonomic / system management interfaces into Linux to allow you to do more with less.

Autonomic Computing is a phrase coined by IBM and is used to describe a set of technologies and tools that enable applications and systems etc to become more self-managing. This project is not going to attempt to reverse engineer what IBM does or is planning, but more to develop a linux specific way of doing things. If that ends up being useful for other platforms - great. But it's not the goal.

The project tools are to be predominantly written in C for performance reasons. I'm not worried about cross platform issues as where there is Linux this code can be re-compiled.

The rookery toolset is still in a design phase. That doesn't mean ... spend a long time not releasing code.. I'm a strong fan of incremental development and releasing stuff. Sometimes it will be useful, other times it may bork your system (hey - I'll try to avoid that!). Anyway, Rookery will initially focus on tools/modifications that provide system metrics and event/alert management. I expect it will have rudimentary inter system comms based on ssh to allow cross system management we're typically managing multiple systems.

Anyway, that's enough chatter. I've got research to do, code to explore and upload and systems to manage. So have you :-)

Further information may be available over at the the project page

20 June 2005